Cindy's Priorities

Cindy Crawford has served her community for three decades. Cindy is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a grandmother, a cousin, and a friend. She is a passionate community servant, which has helped develop her into a community leader and a difference-maker.

As a State Representative, in her first two terms, Cindy focused on the foster care crisis. Working with Restore Hope through the 100 Families Initiative, we have seen children in foster care reunited with their parents by empowering them to succeed. If unification is not possible, locating adoptive families for the children to find them forever homes. Sebastian County no longer leads the state with children in foster care!

Cindy and her husband Jerry are entrepreneurs and small business owners in Fort Smith. In the non-profit arena, they began "Tree of Life Preventative Health Maintenance, Inc."

Tree of Life has provided education to our community in preventing risk behaviors in youth and founding a community coalition to educate on tobacco and drug prevention.

Cindy brings thirty-one years (31) of management experience in both for-profit and non-profit initiatives. Cindy has been responsible for formulating and implementing strategic goals and objectives while providing direction and leadership toward achieving each organization's goals and objectives.

Cindy will work with area organizations and community leaders to help bring more quality jobs while simultaneously supporting state-of-art job training programs. Securing new jobs in our area is not enough. We also need to invest in training for supportive services for men and women in our region for these new jobs. Cindy understands the myriad of small business challenges and will work to create the business and economic climate vital to succeed. In addition, Cindy will work at the state level to bring more resources to our area.

Cindy's vision is to help create a healthy, vibrant, and "cool" community. We will all be proud of a community that will encourage our children, when grown, to continue to invest, work and live at home.

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Cindy Crawford


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